A Refreshing Start after a Breakup

Still can’t get over your ex? Breakups are really unbearable, because it is a loss. You cannot deny the fact that the pain is excruciating, but how can you start moving on even if you still carry the weight of your love for him? We all know how hard it is when you break up with your girlfriend.

Always remember that even if the memories of your ex remain, the feelings won’t stay the same forever. Life goes on even without him, but what matters is that you have the strength to handle the scar that he had left. Just keep in mind that it has already happened even if you didn’t expected it would, and start moving on to a stronger you.

 Coping with Your Feelings

The first step to a moving on process is to accept the situation even if it hurts a lot. If you are really determined to move on, you must take the consequences for you to step up. Don’t deny how you feel about the breakup, instead, let it go.

Allow yourself to grieve the loss of your relationship. Cry it out, feel it but don’t use violence and think negative thoughts as it can trigger the anger and depression even more. Express how you feel through creative pursuits like music, art and writing. This could ease the pain in a positive way and avoid stress.

Reach Out to Others

Though you are having a tough situation, being alone is not the solution as it can increase your depression and thoughts about him. If you’re still lying down on your bed and locked in your room, memoirs of the past will just continue to entangle you because nobody is there to console, which could lead to sadness and losing your interest on everyone.

Share your sentiments by reaching out to your family and trusted friends; they can give advices to enlighten yourself. Maybe they can’t truly feel what you are going through, but at least you have them and you will come to realize that the world doesn’t revolve on your ex.

 Stay Strong

This is one of the toughest acts that we need to do in order to move on with the past. Cutting ties with your ex is like stopping from a drug addiction, difficult but it’s the best for your health. If you have the urge to text him with something like “maybe we can still fix this”, always remind yourself why the two of you broke up.

Stop stalking his Facebook or Instagram just to see how happy he is with someone now. It’ll just make you feel jealous and insecure, instead, delete his number, block him on your social networking account so that your thoughts about your ex will gently descend.

Get rid of those mementos – pictures of the both of you, gifts, messages and whatever stuff that can remind you of him every time you see those things. There is no need for those because you two are not getting back together ever again. Don’t play the victim as it could just make you weak; think that the both of you aren’t meant to be.

Take Care of Yourself

After a difficult break up, it is natural to be stressed and fatigue. But don’t keep it like that; even if you lose something valuable and have affected your way of living, you need to treat yourself nicely for you to feel better.

Be healthy not because you want to move on, but because you need to love yourself and enjoy life. Exercise but don’t tire your body out, take a massage, yoga class or a vacation on a relaxing place. Do not eat junk foods but choose healthy, delicious foods to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Forgive and Forget

The last step on moving on is to forgive what happened for you to forget every pain, and to continue moving forward with life. If you learn how to forgive him even if it’s hard, someday you will just be surprised to see yourself being happy too, as he is happy with someone else.


Breakups do happen not because destiny wants to let us experience sorrow, instead giving us important lessons through our mistakes for us to become a stronger individual despite of the scars that eventually heals with time.

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